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Erwin Peetz GmbH & Co. KG
Finkenstrasse 14
57368 Lennestadt
T:+49 (0) 2723 91 48 30
F:+49 (0) 2723 91 48 55

In addition to our standard products, steel safety barrier systems and corrugated profiles, we manufacture for our international customers amphibian protection systems, which are used as additional environmental protection measures on roads.

In addition, we produce galvanised water drains, that keep the maintenance costs of forest pathways permanently low and are as popular as ever.

Our delivery programme is completed by 'The Sauerland System' wood fence railings, a combination of proven safety barrier components with high pressure impregnated round wood that is used to protect cycle ways.

Obviously we are always interested to supply designs and goods to our customers' individual requirements for products and design within agreed timescales.

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