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Quality management

Erwin Peetz GmbH & Co. KG
Finkenstrasse 14
57368 Lennestadt
T:+49 (0) 2723 91 48 30
F:+49 (0) 2723 91 48 55

'Whoever stops becoming better, stops being good'

We keep this motto in mind when building and further developing our Quality Management System.

We base our activities on DIN ISO 9001 to which we were one of the first companies in our sector to be certified in 2000. Our production is consequently transparent and traceable from raw material to the installed finished product.

The object of our QM activities is to include all areas, departments, branch offices, partners and suppliers so that we can together continuously drive forward the economic development of our business.

Many measures for the process orientated implementation of our quality management system have already been successfully completed. Besides our numerous products the complete production process is included in our quality management system, consequently we are continually working on improvements.

Quality management is not a heavy obligation but a fixed component of our business structure, which finds its place in each of our activities.

Every day we aim to become a little better to deal with the interests of our customers.

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